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"Through the influence of hip-hop, history, and science fiction, my artwork explores Afro-futurism, a projected vision of an imagined future which critiques the historical and cultural events of the African Diaspora and the distinct black experience of the Middle Passage. While also exploring deeper social issues which broaden the conversation between all of humanity. From these themes my art practice is based on research, and references the visual traditions from the Caribbean, the American South, and the African continent. I work in clay as a historical and creative base material to inform memories of the past. The handling of clay reveals the process and shares the markings of its maker. Ceramics becomes a bridge to conceptually integrate disparate objects and or images for the purpose of creating new understandings and connections with the material, history, and social-political issues. I compare the construction and deconstruction of materials to the remix in rap music and how human beings adapt to different environments and reinvent new identities. These ceramic objects are vessels, each making symbolic allusions to the black body. My current work also utilizes printmaking. This medium allows my artwork to be an activist voice for the treatment of marginalized people in society. Aesthetically the artwork combines bold colors, geometric shapes, strong graphic imagery, pattern, and repetition to communicate the rhythmic motion in music. Although discussing provocative and heavy subjects the use of humor with bright and bold color schemes initiates an atmosphere of personal interpretation and reflection to the work of art."


Donté Hayes




Stoneware (black clay body)


46 x 43 x 10 cm




United States




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