All Sales Final/

All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

An edition of 8. A coffee table’s elegant, highly-polished surface ripples as it reaches its edges, forming itself a bulbous, rabid ring and knotty feet, like a Noguchi run amok. Its slight frisson of danger at once beckons and repels. There’s something untamed and untameable about it, as if at any moment it's liable to get up and flee the room. Much of the inlay forms are adapted from the Celestial Alphabet, a vowelless typography invented by a German heretic in the 16th century to communicate with angels and so illegible nothing was ever written with it. Gander’s use of an unusable occult language transforms his pieces into portals for unknowable rituals—inscrutability-as-ornament. In their veiled mysticism, their capacity for infinite meanings becomes irresistible.

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