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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Design Miami/ is offering a limited release of its well-loved archival catalogues, from the inaugural fair in 2005 through the final printed edition in 2019. Storying the evolution of the fair, the catalogues recall nearly two decades of the iconic design presentations that built the fair’s profile as we know it today. Collectible in their own right, the catalogues are mementos of the unique identities of each fair, designed with creative studio Made Thought and in collaboration with international names such as Pedro Reyes and Martina Mondadori.

The Design Miami/ Basel 2018 Catalogue includes interviews with Designers of the Future Award Winners Frank Kolkman, Study O Portable, and Yosuke Ushigome. The catalogue cover artwork incorporated exploratory photography through the usage of renowned interior and architectural photographer François Hallard's mesmerizing images. This edition also spotlights the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's Satellite presentation, 3 x 3: The Endangered Species Project, by South African designer Porky Hefer.

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