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All sales of these limited-edition pieces are final.

Renowned for her ‘Sea Anemone’ series evoking the beauty of the ocean floor, Pia Maria Raeder reveals with ‘Stardust’ another dimension of her vision of nature, further continuing her experimentations on biomorphic forms. “Just like everyone I am fascinated by the scene of a starry sky. We all instinctively feel the magnetic attraction of these suns’ final splendors, as far as they may be. Living organisms are all made of this stardust that has crossed the universe for billions of years. I want to give my own interpretation of this natural phenomenon.”

Pia Maria Raeder’s ‘Bronze Stardust’ expresses the artist’s renowned organic approach to sculpture which combines plays with textures, researches on living forms, and fictional elements. ‘Bronze Stardust’ is the most recent development in the ‘Stardust’ series and was first unveiled at Design Miami in 2022. The collection encompasses three designs: a barstool, a high table, and a side table which can also be used as a stool. The works are available in different patinas, each in a limited edition, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Inspired by organic structures, Pia Maria Raeder’s practice focuses on connection and a sense of wonder, creating artworks that induce a form of emotional and even tactile engagement between object and viewer.

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