Beth Cavener, Human Collector Edition Book $10,000>
Jason Jacques Gallery

This collector edition of Human: The Art of Beth Cavener comes with Ellipis, a handmade limited series of black porcelain sculptures, individually modeled and carved by the artist, each signed and nested within a fur-lined cavity inside a black Italian linen-clad box. The figure is bound by leather laces and a magnetic clasp. The signed copy of the book has a black silk ribbon for removal. The boxes are handmade in Italy, finished by the artist, and stamped with the artist’s signature and the book title on the cover.

Based in Montana, Cavener specializes in the creation of clay sculptures that often depict disturbing animals in unexpected poses—“suspended in a moment of tension,” as the artist explains. Her work explores human fear, aggression, and misunderstanding through animal forms, transforming her subjects into psychological portraits. The artist's process consists of first building solid sculptures on metal armatures, often with 2,000 or more pounds of clay at a time, cutting the piece into sections, hollowing out each part, and reassembling the pieces before firing.


Beth Cavener




19.5 × 18 × 7.5 in




United States


New York