Antonio Aricò designed the Cathedral Glass Cabinet in 2016. Handcrafted in stained glass and iron, the design is available as a small batch open edition and is made to order. It measures 117 x 50 x 185 cm.


The designer explains the Cathedral Glass Collection like this: "These pieces draw a funny connection between church windows and common cabinets. Every time we open the doors of the cabinet, it's like opening a bright window in the house. Contemporary design can sometimes refresh typologies and give traditional techniques a new dimension (before they disappear)."


Aricò is an artist, designer, and creative director, born into a family of woodworkers in the Calabria region of Italy. After earning a double degree from the Politecnico di Milano, he went on to earn an MA that combined art, craft, and design around the theme of Design & Tradition.


In 2011, he launched his own interdisciplinary studio, based in both Milan and his hometown in Calabria, where he explores the boundaries of craft, self-production, and industrial design while working for international companies, private collectors, and cultural institutions. Clients include Barilla Group, Alessi, Seletti, Bitossi, Noberasco, Texturae, Editamateria, Altreforme, Designboom, and Triennale di Milano. In 2017, he accepted the role of Art Director for Bialetti.


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