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Nilufar Gallery

“I personally met Andrea Branzi in 2009, when I presented his exhibition ‘Grandi Legni’ at the Azzedine Alaïa Gallery in Paris. A grandiose project that led to new collaborations in 2011, such as ‘ARCHITETTURA POVERA’. I quote Branzi directly to describe the project, presented at Palazzo Durini during the Salone del Mobile: «ARCHITETTURA POVERA are chicken coops, sheepfolds, agricultural fences. My interest is to imagine spaces that possess a charisma, a mystery, a secular sacredness. In the boundless spaces of globalization these places define a constellation of local experiences, devoid of function as of meaning and even (perhaps) beauty. Temporary places, which are at the lower base of the built universe. They are an elementary threshold made up of simple qualities, which precisely for this reason are difficult to obtain.»” I chose Branzi’s etchings, selecting 50 examples representing agricultural enclosures and sheepfolds, because I found myself wishing, as he said, to return a little to those elementary thresholds that, too often in today’s world, we find ourselves to have lost, perhaps overcome, or within which we mistakenly feel limited. To me, they are an invitation to rediscover ‘one’s own spaces’, made of those simple qualities that are sometimes as desired as they are difficult to achieve." Limited and numbered edition of 15 copies signed by the artist, distinguished as follows: ten copies from 1/10 to 10/10 (Arabic numeration) enclosed in a folder and five copies from I / V to V / V (Roman numeration), plus three artist proofs. Visit


Andrea Branzi




Etching / Acquatints on paper


35 x h 50 cm








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