Andile Dyalvane Isicaca (Fine Corn) $13,000>
Southern Guild

“Isicaca” (Xhosa for “fine corn”) is part of Andile Dyalvane’s iconic collection, Idladla (grain silo), which was first exhibited at Southern Guild in 2017. The collection pivots around the central role that maize cultivation plays in rural African life: no homestead is considered complete without a structure to store grain. The cyclical, life-sustaining practices of land cultivation are an embodiment of collective effort and restorative spirituality. Born in 1978 in the small village of Ngobozana, near Qobo-Qobo in the rural Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Andile grew up farming and looking after his father’s cattle herd – sewing a deep connection to the land and his Xhosa culture that resonates powerfully through his work today. Isicaca refers to the thin cobs of corn that grow in less fertile soil. Its soft kernels are ground finely and used to make a type of corn bread, eaten by rural farming communities in the Eastern Cape.




Glazed terracotta clay


43 x 40 x 51 cm





South Africa


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