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Twentieth Exhibitions is pleased to announce Ambiguous Forms, a series of new works by Adam Court of Okha, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Grounded in a strong connection to nature and material process, the works present striking compositions of sand-cast alloys of aluminum, brass and copper with large slabs of carbonized stone pine and other exotic hewn and polished timbers. Rather than forcing these organic materials into predetermined forms, the natural aspects of the tree’s growth and the fluidity of molten metal contribute to their mysterious and unexpected shape, form and beauty. Movement becomes frozen, captured, crystallized in material expression. Liquid into solid, growth into stillness, each piece presents a poetic harmony of contrasts that is both organic and geometric, formed by a human participation and intuition that willingly surrenders to the forces of nature while also embracing the subtlety of its mystery.

Cast Brass Legs, Solid Cypress Timber Top | 18.3W X 20.8D X 16.6H in | Edition of 5

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