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Artist Proof from an Ed. of 3 (Sold Out) | Numbered & Signed by the Artist. 1 AP Available.

The Tonus Series Belongs to the permanent collections of Centre Georges Pompidou and the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris, the Vitra Museum, Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen as well as the Design Museum of Gent.

Commissioned by Particles Gallery in 2012, the Indigo Tonus is an edition of 3 signed and numbered. Morphing from the wooden Tonus series, the Indigo Tonus is the result of the ongoing collaboration between Amsterdam-based designer, Aldo Bakker and woodcrafter, Rutger Graas. With its organic curves and material, the piece transpires the trace and work of the skilled hands that gave it form and the moment of transformation from the wood trunk it used to be to the carved and polished sculptural seat that it has become. Tonus is handmade from a solid piece of European oak wood. The wood-piece is carved while still fresh allowing the craftsman’s hand to sculpt the continuous movements of the resulting piece and emphasize the nature of the wood. Over years-long drying period, the wood will deform, burst, crack, and close. As a live organism, the strong muscular shape that was initially given to the Tonus stool consequently changes over time. The forever-active shape is emphasized by the life and micro-movements of the wood. Both shape and material seem to burst out of their initial posture and prolong the work of the craftsman’s hands that gave it birth. This indigo edition is a series of stools hand-coated with iron oxide by Rutger Graas.


Aldo Bakker




Solid Oak, coated with Iron Oxide


L 21.3" x W 14.2" x H 13.4"






New York


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