The PET Lamp Bolgatanga Collection is the result of a collaboration between Madrid-based designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón and a group of artisans in one of the most remote cities in Ghana, Bolgatanga. The shades are created by hand from discarded plastic bottles that are cut into strips and interwoven with elephant grass. Catalán de Ocón's atelier, ACdO, assembles the sockets and fabric cords. Different sizes and colors are available. Made to order, each PET Lamp is one of a kind. 


Based in Madrid, ACdO is the platform from which the studio of Alvaro Catalán de Ocón produces and distributes some of his most personal designs. This close relationship between designing and making facilitates the freedom to experiment and try new projects that would otherwise not be realized.


ACdO's approach maximizes honesty in processes and materials in order to offer the highest quality and durability. ACdO is committed to producing locally, using both high-end industrial and specialized artisanal techniques.


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