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USM Modular Furniture presents the HUE+MAN Design Competition: Culture Sculpture
Exhibition concept and design by Kevin Jones of Joba Studio

The HUE+MAN Design Competition by USM Modular Furniture in collaboration with Kevin Jones’ Joba Studio seeks to spotlight emerging designers of color through funding and mentorships. In this, its inaugural year, competition winners Margaret Waiyego Zollinger, Peter Mukhaye, and Amukelani Mathebule, combine to form Culture Sculpture, an exhibition that explores the myriad of ways that contemporary culture is shaped by the diverse hands that produce it. The artists’ work is showcased in twisting pyramids that Jones designed using the USM Haller system.

“Our identities are formed by nuanced life experiences that encompass people, circumstances, events, beliefs, traditions, and values. Sculptural objects also profoundly impact the structure of our lives. The HUE+MAN Design Competition, along with my work with the USM Haller system, seek to explore these experiences that influence our identity,” says Jones.

About USM Modular Furniture/

Since its inception in 1964, the USM Haller System has been a benchmark for elegantly styled, highly-functional furniture design.

Created by Swiss architect Fritz Haller and engineered by Paul Schärer, USM Modular Furniture has graced the interiors of beautiful spaces around the world, including renown homes, galleries, museums, and workplaces. The beauty of USM Haller lies in its endless versatility—the system is both stylish and discreet, with options as colorful and varied as the places it’s found. Over 50 years after its debut, USM continues to evolve, adapting to the ever-changing needs of daily life.

Kevin Jones, award-winning designer, and professional athlete is the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Joba Studio, a multidisciplinary team focused on creating impactful design experiences and communications. Joba Studio’s work can be found in retail and brand environments in over 25 countries throughout the world.

Special thanks to HUE+MAN competition jurors Shantell Martin, Stephen Burks, Judith Stuber-Schärer, Osborne Macharia, and Don C.

Special thanks to HUE+MAN project team members: Alexander Schärer, Sandra Schär, Marianne Schild, Kevin Jones, Robyn Jones, Jon Thorson, and Sarah Dennler.