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Tai Ping presents "The Whispers Series" by Danful Yang

For over six decades, Tai Ping has been creating meticulously-crafted products that are admired and celebrated by the world's most discerning clientele. This time Tai Ping teams up with Chinese artist and designer Danful Yang to debut the new collaboration at Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai.

The collaboration entitled "The Whispers Series", reinterprets signatures from one of Yang's most lauded series "Packing Me Softly" in a fresh handmade format for Tai Ping, employing their artisanal carpet mastery. Yang's playful cross-cultural works incorporate objects and materials in unexpected juxtapositions, blending craftsmanship with tongue-in-cheek modern aesthetics. The aesthetics of taped-up packaging boxes for goods takes centre stage in her exploration of relations between people, commodities and the environment.

With every collaboration, Tai Ping is discovering exciting new perspectives. Danful Yang’s unexpected, playful collaboration bought challenges that pushed technical boundaries – and for the first time Tai Ping applied embroidery techniques on top of the pile. It’s no surprise that she’s tapped Tai Ping for their decades-long expertise at the very top of this industry and brought it to the next level.

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Tai Ping is a custom handmade and woven carpet manufacturer that has won international acclaim for its innovative design, superior quality, and unparalleled concierge service. Recognised for over six decades as the designer and manufacturer of choice for a discerning global clientele, Tai Ping graces the floors of the most prestigious residences, boutiques, hotels, private jets and yachts around the world.

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Headquartered in Hong Kong, with 14 showrooms across Europe, Asia and North America, House of Tai Ping creates bespoke rugs and floor coverings for every sphere of the residential and hospitality markets. Each of its three distinctive brands – Tai Ping, Edward Fields and La Manufacture Cogolin – designs and customizes its creations to the unique vision of its clientele. House of Tai Ping is globally renowned for its innovation and expertise steeped in a rich history, a celebrated archive, unparalleled design and service to the world’s most sophisticated clientele.

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