Superblue presents Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse Topology

Superblue returns to Basel for a second year, to once again take over the 2500sqm ground floor event hall of the Messeplatz, greeting audiences as they first enter the fair. This year, Superblue presents Pulse Topology, the latest artwork in pioneering Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s ongoing Pulse Series. Recognized for his interactive installations at the intersection of architecture and performance art, Lozano-Hemmer’s works are activated by the real-time detection of viewers’ biometrics such as heartbeats, breaths, voices, or fingerprints.

Pulse Topology is composed of 6,000 lightbulbs suspended at different heights, creating a series of crests and valleys–an intimate landscape that visitors are invited to traverse. Each lightbulb glimmers to the pulse of a different participant, which contributes to a connective arrangement. Custom-made pulse sensors record visitor heartbeats; when a new participant interacts with the installation, their pulse is added to the canopy of recordings above them, with the newest recording replacing the oldest.

Forming a platform for self-representation, in Pulse Topology individual heartbeats come together to create an immersive chorus of light and sound. Translating an interior force to an exterior form, Lozano-Hemmer makes tangible the otherwise invisible register of the heartbeat, which glows and then fades in the spirit of a memento mori.

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