Superblue presents DRIFT x Sou Fujimoto in collaboration with Therme Mind

The artist duo DRIFT will present Shy Synchrony, a site-specific installation for Design Miami/ Basel, which seeks to encourage a deepended connection to our environment.

A poetic, upside-down landscape of moving flowers perpetually blooms in mid-air, inviting visitors to pause and contemplate natural rhythms, and their soothing effect on our state of being.  

The artists joined forces with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto who specially conceived a pavilion, which acts as a counterpoint to the kinetic artwork. Envisioned as a wooden forest, it inspires a playful exploration of the space.

A unique partnership with wellbeing leader Therme Group and the neuro-technology company MindMaze further enables reciprocal engagement with the artwork by measuring visitors’ neural and heart activities, which both respond to and impact the behaviour of the flowers.

Offering a place of calm and congregation at the heart of the fair, the elliptical space will host a series of activations across the fields of science, meditation, music, and architecture.

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