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Mathieu Lehanneur presents STATE OF THE⠀WORLD

The 2020 global pandemic crisis has reintroduced into our consciousness a feeling of fragility and transience of life.

From Europe to Asia or from America to Africa, the world has never reacted so synchronously to the possibility of death.

State of The World is a freeze frame of all living humans today in over 100 countries, illustrated in a collection of anodized aluminum works that arise from three dimensional populational pyramid of different countries.

Past, present and future evidence of the fate of world populations, those black spinned silhouettes owe their almost primitive and yet decorative shapes to demographic data provided by United Nations.

Depending on the country, major events like wars or baby booms can be read and touched, but also globally, can be identified economic or sanitary development or, at different times, unstable balance between populations of retired and young people.

State of the World is also a way to remind you that you are still alive and you are part of a story bigger than you!

About Mathieu Lehanneur

At the forefront of the international design scene, Mathieu Lehanneur is one of the few designers of his generation with a multi-disciplinary approach to creativity: from object to architecture, from artwork to product, from craftsmanship to technology. He innovates mixing design, science and art for the well-being of individuals.

His works are part of collections such as those of MoMA-NY and the SF-MoMA, the Centre Pompidou and the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris.

Through his eponymous brand, he produces and distributes his creations, found in permanent exhibition in his spaces at Paris and New York.