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Maestro Dobel Artpothecary presents the Mexican Golden Age with Clásicos Mexicanos

Maestro Dobel Artpothecary proudly presents The Mexican Golden Age, celebrating the birth of the modern Mexican aesthetic at the direction of Artpothecary Creative Director and Anónimo Colectivo Founder Alejandra Martinez, in collaboration with Mexico City based design studio Clásicos Mexicanos.

Born from 11 generations of tequila-making legacy, Maestro Dobel Diamante was the world's first Cristalino and continues to innovate as a modern-day tequila, having since introduced the first Smoked tequila with Humito and the first Pechuga tequila with Pavito. Just as Maestro Dobel honors the traditions of tequila, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary pays homage to those who share the same contemporary vision and commitment to heritage in their own craft.

A true champion of modern and contemporary Mexican art and hospitality, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary is a platform to celebrate this eternal pursuit for innovation, showcasing the visionaries and cultural richness of Mexico’s contemporary creativity through a series of immersive events.

For this second iteration of Maestro Dobel Artpothecary, Maestro Dobel has collaborated with Clásicos Mexicanos, a project dedicated to the rich and engaging history of 20th century design in Mexico.

Joining in a renewed appreciation for Mexican heritage, Maestro Dobel and Clásicos Mexicanos will bring to life a contemporary recreation of the Mexican Golden Age using original designs by pioneering architect Ricardo Legorreta from his Vallarta collection — as seen at the Hotel Camino Real in the early 1970s in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. These works, inspired by one of the great masters of blending Mexican vernacular with international style, will feature handcrafted, archival pieces for a newly commissioned bar and lounge.

Together, Maestro Dobel and Clásicos Mexicanos will tell an exciting and multifaceted story - recognizing Mexican architects and artisans through their creations by delving into the history of Mexican industrial design and giving it a new, contemporary life.

About Maestro Dobel Tequila/

Maestro Dobel® Tequila was born from 11 generations of tequila mastery in Jalisco, Mexico in 2003 and released in the U.S. in 2009. With deep respect for legacy, founded by 11th generation tequila maker Juan Dobel, Maestro Dobel is a modern expression of tequila, with a heritage and refined craft that spans over 250 years. Maestro Dobel is an innovator in the category – having introduced the world's first Cristalino tequila with Dobel Diamante, the first Smoked tequila with Humito and the first Pechuga tequila with Pavito – and has produced some of the finest and smoothest tequilas.

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