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Maestro Dobel Tequila's Artpothecary Presents: The Fruit Chemist

Image credit: Orly Anan for Maestro Dobel Tequila

Born from 11 generations of tequila-making legacy, Maestro Dobel was the first Cristalino tequila to market and continues to innovate in its portfolio of award-winning tequilas by founder Juan Dobel. Just as Dobel champions innovation in its tequilas, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary is a creative platform and series of immersive experiences which celebrate contemporary Mexican Art and Hospitality - recognizing and supporting fellow Mexican creative visionaries and makers who push the boundaries in their respective crafts.

A true champion of modern Mexican culture, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary is led by art world expert and Anónimo Colectivo Founder and Managing Director, Alejandra Martinez as Creative Director, curating the artistic vision for Artpothecary - this year engaging top Mexico City-based design studio ATRA and designer Alexander Diaz Andersson to dress the space with his contemporary furniture and design flair.

In its latest iteration, Maestro Dobel brings Artpothecary to Design Miami/ this December, as the Official Tequila of the internationally renowned design fair - through ‘The Fruit Chemist’, a bespoke epicurean experience with an exclusively curated menu paired with Maestro Dobel serves by globally renowned Chef Jorge Vallejo of Mexico City’s Quintonil.

About Maestro Dobel® Tequila/

Maestro Dobel® Tequila was born from 11 generations of tequila mastery in Jalisco, Mexico in 2003 and introduced to the American market in 2009. With deep respect for legacy, founded by 11th generation tequila maker Juan Dobel, Maestro Dobel is a modern expression of tequila, with a heritage and refined craft that spans over 250 years. Maestro Dobel is an innovator in the category – having introduced to the global market the first Cristalino Tequila with Dobel Diamante, the first Smoked Tequila with Humito and the first Pechuga Tequila with Pavito – and has produced some of the finest and smoothest range of tequilas.

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