Made Thought/

Creating bold and beautiful futures

The relationship between Design Miami/ and Made Thought began in 2005, just as the fair was founded. Initially we were brought in to create a brand identity for the burgeoning cultural event but have subsequently become creative partners to the Design Miami/ team, tasked with reinventing the visual story each season with an exciting hook that captures the imagination. The original identity we created featured a simple ‘divide line’ as a recurring mark, representing the geographic duality of the show’s locations. Over time the divide line has flexed with the brand, manifesting both graphically and physically across campaigns, collaborations and collateral. As with any business with a long history in the cultural space, there is a constant need to evolve, to present things that feel different and unexpected. So we are presented with an interesting balance between the consistency of the original identity juxtaposed against the cultural zeitgeist and a moment of time twice a year, every year. Over the years we have developed somewhat of a shorthand with the Design Miami/ team, we understand where they have been and where they are going and feel a deeply personal connection to the brand that can only come with having seen it grow up in front of us.

About Made Thought/

We are a creative agency that works with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Pinterest, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith and MoMA. We believe creativity is the most powerful tool for businesses today—the last true competitive advantage. Creativity solves problems, drives new behaviours, communicates with empathy, and cultivates desire. We believe all creatives have a responsibility to question, provoke and reimagine. To use their skills to lead conversations around meaningful change. To fall in love with the problem. To envision better. And then to bring it to life, beautifully.