Made in House 垠舍制造/

A Creative Consultancy and Art Advisory

Made in House (MIH) is the partner of Design Miami/ and the local host of Design Miami/Podium x Shanghai. The partnership is built on shared vision to elevate and celebrate exceptional design. MIH is pleased to partner with Design Miami/ to present Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, the first collectible design event of its kind in Asia.

MIH is a creative consultancy and art advisory headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a focus in the commercial and hotel real estate sector. The company was established by a team of specialists in design, art and strategy development. MIH creates impact and longevity for projects seeking to define their place in China’s real estate landscape. By helping companies build-out their brand architecture and art programs with a tailored voice, MIH strives to create both impact and relevance for the contemporary Chinese audience.