J.Hopenstand presents Art to wear: Rencontre entre Art et Artisanat

Soon after the relaunched of the leather crafting company of their great grand-father Jacques Hopenstand, Renaud and Rémi decided to create a unique project of wearable Art pieces. 

With its Project A, the leather goods company J.Hopenstand offers international artists the opportunity to collaborate with the brand by revisiting its flagship product, the reversible belt.  

To name this exclusive project, the letter was chosen, as it embodies both the beginning of a story and a hymn that brings together Art and Artisanship.  

The idea is to give their belts as a support of expression to contemporary artists they admire and give them carte-blanche to create a unique buckle and choose the matching leather. Each belt is then edited in very limited series of 20 pieces numbered and signed.

Each new collaboration opens new perspectives and a different approach on the project, thus the two brothers decided to invite very diverse artists and not to focus on one specific technique or craft to enrich even more the collection.

Wearable Art has the fascinating characteristic to be at the edge of painting, sculpture and performance and to radically change the viewpoint on Art as not only the observer can move freely in space but also the piece itself.

In this most recent collaboration, J.Hopenstand’s  savoir-faire  meets the aesthetic of John Armleder. Generally characterized by a sense of deep interconnectedness between life and art, and the appropriation of objects and quotes; Armleder’s work is filled with references that elude the modernist vernacular as well as any form of classification. Together with J.Hopenstand, the Swiss artist explores new boundaries as he adjusts his own aesthetic to a belt. The series “Loasaceae”, with its minimal yet avant-garde design will trigger curiosity. 

Image: John Armleder belt for J.Hopenstand Loasaceae

About J.Hopenstand/

J.Hopenstand is a family business that creates bespoke leather goods, joining together traditional skills and timelessness. Following the principle of the reversible belt, you can choose the leather, the thread, the edge and the buckle. You can create a unique piece that matches with your personality!  

The brand was created in 1925 by Jacques Hopenstand, and is now in the hands of his great grandsons. They maintain their focus on details, working with tanners, leather craftsmen and jewellers, all well-known for their traditional skills and for their thorough choice of leathers, soft and strong at the same time, as well as unique in its grain. At J.Hopenstand, we respect the traditions from the past and everything is hand- made in France and Switzerland. The use of noble material in our workshops, combined with the level of care and attention given by our craftsmen turn J.Hopenstand’s creations into high-quality items that are made to last in time.  

The brand makes a point of turning every single item into an artistic creation, made to highlight your waist and give the final touch to your outfit. In this search for quality, half-way through craftsmanship and Art, all of our productions are limited editions. The brand establishes partnerships with artists, to revisit the flagship item: the reversible belt. 

Image: A bespoke reversible belt in Karung leather with the JH buckle

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