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Flap³ - Cyril Lancelin (2023)

Cyril Lancelin is proud to present Flap³, an interactive artwork that explores the relationship between the viewer, the artwork, and technology. In partnership with Google and Design Miami/, Flap³ uses 12 Soli radar sensors - a miniature radar developed by Google ATAP that understands human motions at various scales - visitors can influence the form and create a unique ever-evolving shape through their movements and speed, resulting in a dialogue and gesture between the viewer and the artwork.

Flap³'s movement is defined by the virtual and variables Lancelin integrates into the sculpture which the public is invited to explore. Depending on the time of day or the current setting, Flap³' animates in various ways such as mimicking bird sounds, changing colors, and displaying animations like a snake game, dominoes, and spirals. By merging digital, physical, and virtual worlds, Flap³ serves as a bridge between them, creating a shared space of creativity that viewers can experience and share on social media networks.

Part of Google ATAP Ambient Experiments program, Flap³ is an original creation by Cyril Lancelin.
Google Programme Director: Camille Bénech-Badiou
Technology Director: Jonathan Tanant
Google Production Assistant: Gabriel Vergara II
Production: ATLAS  V

Cyril Lancelin 
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About Google ATAP/

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) is Google’s R&D Lab dedicated to inventing the next generation of Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) for Ambient Computing. The Lab playground is at the intersection of Design, Science and Technology with the mission to inspire new possibilities and invent fundamental technologies for invisibly bridging the physical and digital worlds.

By building technology that understands the world spatially, physiologically, and through physical manipulation, Google ATAP makes computers that extend the world rather than disrupt it.

Ambient Experiments by Google ATAP is a creative platform to open new dialogues between technology and art. By granting artists access to its technologies - advanced sensors (such as Soli), new materials, software and A.I. platforms - Google ATAP seeks to explore the future role of technology in our interactions with the environment.

Through collaborations with artists and designers, Ambient Experiments brings together different mindsets and approaches to the tools and know-how Google provides, allowing the creatives to research, dream, explore and imagine future forms of Human and Machine interactions.