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Galerie Mitterrand/

Galerie Mitterrand presents Untitled (tables) by Peter Kogler/

Galerie Mitterrand is pleased to present a new set of works made by Peter Kogler especially for Design Miami/ Basel 2021–Design at Large.  These steel and glass tables are representative of the technical and functional aspects of the artists work.  Peter Kogler is a pioneering artist in computer-assisted design.  He freely expresses his work without concern for the traditional distinction between a work of art and a common object.  The silkscreen pattern on the table top was made by computer.  Abstract, it evokes the mixture of deep black and chromed steel and has a resolutely futuristic appearance.  This patter is part of Peter Kogler's aesthetic, composed of futuristic elements evoking the increasing inter-connectivity of our societies and inspired by advances aeronautical technologies. 

Untitled/ Peter Kogler, 2013/ Glass and steel/ 120 x 120 x 35 cm/ Courtesy of Galerie Mitterrand; photo by André Morin

Like most of Peter Kogler's work, this table is produced from a digital file, a computer-generated drawing that is then transformed through industrial processes into a functional object. Peter Kogler can then decline this file in different sizes, colors, materials, according to the technical possibilities and the destination of the work. For Design Miami in Basel, Peter Kogler has imagined a set of tables forming a labyrinth, a recurring motif in his work since the 1980s and 1990s. This piece is interesting because it marks the overcoming of categories and genres in the artistic creation of the 21st century.

About Galerie Mitterrand

The Galerie Mitterrand was founded in 1988 by Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand and encompasses two spaces in a privately owned townhouse in Paris' Marais district. For the past 30 years, it has predominantly showcased sculpture. Today, the gallery is actively involved in representing established artists and estates such as Keith Sonnier, Peter Kogler, Tony Oursler, Allan McCollum, Donald Judd (Furniture), Niki de Saint Phalle and of course Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne. The gallery has been representing and supporting the work of the latter, who have become key figures of contemporary design, for more than 30 years.