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Convelio is a shipping partner for Design Miami/, specialised in the transport of fine art and collectible design. They have offices in New York, London and Paris but their network is global, from their online platform you can instantly book local, state to state, and international shipments.

With today’s pressures from the digital world, art market players are looking for new ways to streamline their businesses, starting with logistics. Edouard Gouin and Clément Ouizille have developed the solution with Convelio. Their mission is simple: to make the transport of your art and collectable design pieces more efficient, secure and affordable. Having invested in technological and operational innovations, backed by a tech-enabled team, Convelio understands the value of revolutionising fine art logistics.

How does it work? They developed a proprietary algorithm that generates instant quotes and a logistic turn-key solution to cover the entire shipping process: from collection, soft-packing and crating, to insurance, freight, customs, and front-door or white-glove delivery with installation. With the Convelio dashboard, clients also have access to white-label real-time tracking, shareable payment links, as well as their shipments history and all related documents. Designed to support an end-to-end service, Convelio delivers on excellence, meeting industry standards for complex shipping demands unique to the art world.

About Convelio/

Convelio is a fine art shipping company with a digital approach. They have offices in London, New York and Paris. Through their online platform (linked here) you can instantly book shipping for art and design pieces, including costs related to packing, customs, insurance, front-door and white-glove delivery. The company was launched in 2017 and has since empowered over 2,000+ art market businesses across 80+ countries.