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Thank You

Wava Carpenter

As Design for GlobalGiving launches, Anava Projects sends a note of appreciation to the creative community

To all the wonderful creatives who contributed to Design for GlobalGiving, thank you. As we launch this charitable initiative to the public, we find ourselves humbled by the breadth and quality of your generous donations.

When personal and professional lives have been turned upside down, when uncertainty and fear can easily color our days, you’ve responded with graciousness, enthusiasm, and a profusion of creativity. You carved out time amid the chaos to make a positive difference in others’ lives, and in doing so, you’ve demonstrated once again that we are stronger and better when we act together.

Your contributions to Design for GlobalGiving are gifts that give on multiple levels: They raise money to support those most vulnerable to the pandemic’s effects while also offering a much-needed dose of inspiration to those who will proudly display them in their homes. The very act of coming together to contribute positively to the world in a moment of crisis is a gesture that resonates throughout our community—all the more so because this is just one of many instances of your outreach we’ve witnessed in recent months.

You’ve also given us a gift. We launched our agency for do-good design, Anava Projects, in late 2019, about a minute before the news of coronavirus—and then the virus itself—began to spread worldwide. Like most working in the design industry, our plans and projects swiftly changed. As a result, Design for GlobalGiving is officially our first public project. And we couldn’t be prouder.

While the past few months have been overwhelming in moments and further laid bare the painful inequities in our society on a mass scale, they’ve also shown the unique capacity of design creatives to respond and help make the dark times a bit lighter. The world needs good design—more inclusive, honest, empathetic, humble, and brave design—now more than ever. It’s so inspiring to watch you rise to the occasion. ◆


100% of the proceeds from the Design for GlobalGiving initiative will go to the Coronavirus Relief Fund organized by GlobalGiving, the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe—and hundreds of places in between.


Anava Projects was founded by Anna Carnick and Wava Carpenter.